Clean bike, clear mind

— Bicycle maintenance at your home —

I have been interested in cycling and assembly since I was a child. In the beginning, I only had the idea of ​​bike cleaning/washing as a missing service on the market. In addition to this, the annual maintenance fits well.

In addition to cycling, I do many other sports (running, kettlebell, Crossfit, Thai boxing, and yoga). I write music, play guitar, and sing. I studied economics at university and worked as a salesperson in the IT, AV, and bicycle industries for years. I have learnt motorcycle repairing at MAMI.

My goal is for my satisfied customers to ride long-lasting, safe, and clean bicycles



One spring day, I was standing in line at a car wash with my bicycle and I thought that there really could be a bicycle wash. Thinking about this idea further, I decided to start this business. The first thoughts mainly were only about washing. Later, in addition to many, many ideas, maintenance was also discussed. I use things, so I like things to serve me well for a long time, so it is important to take care of my equipment. Along these lines, bicycle maintenance was developed, which is not a service where the primary goal is to replace parts, but to take care of the existing equipment in order to ensure proper and long-lasting operation.

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